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Lacey Arevalo

Have you JoynD?

Lacey Arevalo


Business & Professional Services Advertising & Media Graphic Design


Lacey ArevaloFounder/CEO

Lacey managed her first restaurant at the young age of eighteen years old. With her natural drive and determination, she excelled in the management profession for 20+ years. After witnessing firsthand, the struggles small businesses faced on a daily basis, Lacey decided to take action!

In 2020, Lacey came up with the brilliant idea of JoynD. After years of development and structuring, she is eager to share JoynD with the world! JoynD helps small businesses stay connected with their customers and enables unlimited advertisement. “Small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities. For years, these businesses have been at risk of being left behind in the convenience economy, which has only accelerated in a pandemic. At JoynD we are committed to empowering local economies by helping brick-and-mortar businesses compete.”

Carl JacksonDirector of Business Development

Husband and father of 5 balancing life and work isn’t easy. Now entering year 24 in the casino industry, Carl Jackson specializes in Tablegames/Poker Management, Marketing, Analytics, Player Development and Creation. From California to Oklahoma, down to New Mexico and back to California Carl has experienced the vast diversity of the industry. Now currently working with JoynD to launch and promote the future of business to consumer connection, Carl has truly found his calling, helping businesses connect real time information with the world. Being able to collaborate and create a product businesses need, makes coming to work easy and fun.

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  1. Community Building: Joynd enables businesses to create their own communities within the app, bringing together customers who share similar interests. This community-building approach fosters a sense of belonging and strengthens the bond between customers and the brand.

  2. Direct Engagement: Businesses can directly engage with their customers through notifications, events, and interactive activities. This personalized interaction helps build stronger relationships and increases customer loyalty.

  3. Positive Brand Association: By participating in positive and joyful interactions within the app, businesses can align their brand with happiness and positivity, providing accurate information enhancing their reputation and creating a favorable image in the minds of customers.

  4. Brand Awareness: Joynd provides a platform for businesses to promote their products, services, and events directly to their target audience. Increasing brand visibility and awareness.

  5. Customer Insights: Businesses can gain valuable insights into customer preferences, behaviors, and opinions through analytics within the app. This data can be used to tailor marketing strategies and product offerings.

  6. Customer Feedback: Joynd allows businesses to gather direct feedback from customers in a relaxed and engaging environment. This feedback loop aids in refining products and services based on real-time input.

  7. Customer Retention: By offering an environment of shared positivity and meaningful interactions, businesses can enhance customer retention rates, as customers are more likely to stay engaged with a brand that adds value to their lives providing factual and real time information.

  8. Collaborative Marketing: Businesses can collaborate with influencers, partners, and customers to co-create content, events, or campaigns within the Joynd community, expanding their reach and tapping into new audiences. JoynD provides users the capability to share businesses and events with friends and family through SMS, further promoting the businesses reach to repeat customers.

  9. Exclusive Offers and Events: Joynd can be used to offer exclusive promotions, discounts, or events to app users, creating a sense of exclusivity and driving user engagement.

  10. Brand Advocacy: When customers have positive interactions on Joynd, they are more likely to become brand advocates, spreading positive word-of-mouth about the brand and driving organic growth.

Additional Info

Its time for Small Businesses to take back control and give their loyal customers real information in real time and keep them up to date on what's new and what's happening. Small businesses have been held hostage by review based algorithms for to long. Come with JoynD and you let us know about your business.  


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